How do you charge a scissor lift?

How long does a scissor lift battery charge last?

But, in general, your scissor lift should last you the entire workday as long as it was charged the night before. If we had to take a conservative guess, we would say that your scissor lift battery should last about 4-6 hours of work. That means driving the lift and extending it up and down.

Can you overcharge a scissor lift?

Do not allow batteries to overcharge and boil. documented “READY TO RENT TAG” on the lift. DOCUMENT ALL OF THE ABOVE PROCEDURES IN THE WAY YOU HAVE BEEN INSTRUCTED AS YOU COMPLETE THEM.

How long does it take to charge a JLG scissor lift?

“It takes eight hours to fully charge a machine.”

How do I know if my scissor lift is charging?

Confirm the Charger Is Working

Look at the scissor lift’s battery charger and verify its light is illuminated. Once a lift is fully charged, the light will typically turn green. At this point, the charger will automatically shut off, too.

How many amps does a scissor lift draw?

The average auto parts load tester typically pulls about 40-60 amps, which is not enough for even small machine batteries. Smaller booms and scissor lifts will typically have four, 6V batteries, while larger machines will include a bank of eight, 6V batteries.

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How much does a JLG scissor lift Cost?

Sales Price $22,169.00

JLG’s Scissor 26′ platform height scissor lift, 32″ wide, compact scissor lift.

How much does a JLG scissor lift weight?

Key Specs

General Specifications
Maximum Ground Bearing Pressue 8.65 Kg/cm2
Hydraulic Pump Fixed Displacement Gear
Machine Weight (ANSI Export & CSA) 2711.7 lb / 1230 kg
Machine Weight 3320.2 lb / 1506 kg

How do you charge a JCB scissor lift?

The machine is charged using the plug on the left hand side, as viewed from the entry side of the machine.