How do you restring a Hills hoist line?

How do you retension a retractable clothesline?

If you have checked the above and your clothesline is still sagging, try this reset:

  1. Close the clothesline unit up so it’s set up like the above diagram.
  2. Pull the bar out from the cabinet (slowly and evenly) out to its maximum distance.
  3. Slowly allow the bar to retract back into the cabinet.

How do you replace the handle on a Hills Hoist?

Fold up the Hoist. Wrap the line retaining strap around the hoist, to prevent lines from becoming tangled. With a screwdriver, gently pry off the handle shroud badge cover and bottom screw cover plug from handle shroud. Undo the handle screws and remove the handle from Hoist.

How do you remove a Hills Hoist clothesline?

To remove a Hills folding rotary clothes line from its ground socket, you need to turn the locking colar and dis-engaged this from the ground socket to start with and then the clothesline should lift out.

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