How long does it take to fully charge a scissor lift?

The length of time it takes to charge a scissor lift varies. In some instances, it can take about six hours to charge a lift before an operator can use it for a full work day. Comparatively, Genie lifts and other types of electric aerial work platforms (AWPs) can take approximately 12 to 16 hours to charge.

Can you overcharge a scissor lift?

Do not allow batteries to overcharge and boil. documented “READY TO RENT TAG” on the lift. DOCUMENT ALL OF THE ABOVE PROCEDURES IN THE WAY YOU HAVE BEEN INSTRUCTED AS YOU COMPLETE THEM.

How long does a scissor lift battery charge last?

But, in general, your scissor lift should last you the entire workday as long as it was charged the night before. If we had to take a conservative guess, we would say that your scissor lift battery should last about 4-6 hours of work. That means driving the lift and extending it up and down.

How long does it take for a JLG scissor lift to charge?

“It takes eight hours to fully charge a machine.”

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How many hours is a lot for a scissor lift?

A scissor lift will only count the hours as it is in motion, so if you are hanging drywall or doing electrical, it’s not counting those hours. So, we would say that a scissor lift can last about 500 to 1,000 hours of movement.

How do you test a scissor lift charger?

Measure the battery voltage with the power turned off. Connect the charger and then turn charger on. Measure the battery voltage. If the charger is working, the charging battery voltage should be higher than the non-charging voltage if the charger is working.

How long does a lift battery last?

On average, a forklift battery will last a single-shift operation five years. Proper care and maintenance can extend battery life up to ten years. Prolong the life of your forklift battery by following these easy Do’s and Don’ts when charging, operating and handling forklift batteries.

How much does a JLG scissor lift Cost?

Sales Price $22,169.00

JLG’s Scissor 26′ platform height scissor lift, 32″ wide, compact scissor lift.

How much does a JLG scissor lift weight?

Key Specs

General Specifications
Maximum Ground Bearing Pressue 8.65 Kg/cm2
Hydraulic Pump Fixed Displacement Gear
Machine Weight (ANSI Export & CSA) 2711.7 lb / 1230 kg
Machine Weight 3320.2 lb / 1506 kg

How many batteries are in a scissor lift?

Batteries like the U.S. Battery US 2000 XC2 or US 2200 XC2 are ideal for these power requirements. While the JLG LE Series scissor lifts are a 48V system and require eight 6V batteries with a minimum rating of 370 amp-hours.

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What does it cost to buy a scissor lift?

Scissor lifts usually cost between $10,000 and $15,000. Larger models sell for as much as $50,000. A standard 30- to 40-foot boom lift costs between $25,000 to $75,000. Even if you buy used, you could still expect to pay $20,000 to $40,000.

How long does a genie lift last?

With proper care and regular maintenance, a boom lift can last around 30 years. Thus, it is crucial to implement a boom lift care and maintenance program. This will allow you to identify and address boom lift issues before they cause long-lasting damage.