How wide is a scissor lift?

A wide scissor lift is typically 46 inches wide, meaning it will not fit through your standard doorway. If you’re going to use a wide scissor lift, you will have to make sure you have a double door or larger entryway so the lift can fit through.

How wide is a 26 ft scissor lift?


Model Number GS-2646 SJIII4626
Platform Height 26′ 26′
Stowed Height 89″ 84.5″
Overall Dimensions 96″ x 46″ 91″ x 46″
Platform Size 95″ x 46″ 84″ x 42″

What are the sizes of scissor lifts?

Scissor lifts can extend as high up as 60 ft., or about one-third the height of the tallest aerial lift. Most working heights range from 20-40 ft. Scissor lifts have less reach power than boom lifts but can hold more weight. Many scissor lifts have an unrestricted weight limit of 1,000 lbs.

Will a scissor lift fit through door?

-21 ft., Electric Powered. These scissor lifts are designed for construction, industrial maintenance and warehouse applications on smooth slab surfaces. … They will fit through a standard doorway even with the guardrails in position.

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How wide is a 19 ft scissor lift?

Selected Dimensions

A. OVERALL LENGTH 5.9 ft in 1800 mm
F. MAX PLATFORM HEIGHT 19 ft in 5800 mm
G. PLATFORM WIDTH 27.6 in 700 mm
H. PLATFORM LENGTH 63 in 1600 mm

How much does a 26 ft scissor lift weight?

A 19-foot scissor lift with a maximum working height of 25 feet and a lift capacity of 500 pounds will weigh approximately one ton. A 26-foot lift with a maximum platform weight capacity of 800 pounds and a maximum platform height of 25.5 feet can weigh as much as 4,700 pounds.

How much does a 26 ft JLG scissor lift weigh?

Machine Weight: 4975 lb / 2256.62 kg. Drive Speed – Platform Elevated: 0.50 mph / 0.80 km/h. Drive Speed – Platform Lowered: 2.50 mph / 4.02 km/h.

How wide is a small scissor lift?

Mini Scissor Lift

• 28″ extendable cantilever platform • Self locking safety gate on platform
• 500 lbs. capacity • Platform length: 57″
• Provides working heights to 19′ 0″ • Platform width: 28″
• Maximum raised platform height of 12′ • Base size: 30″ x 57″
• Platform height (fully lowered) 3+6″ • (2)12 volt DC powered

What is the smallest scissor lift?

What is the Smallest Scissor Lift?

  • Genie GS1330M or Genie Runabout. If you are looking for a small scissor lift for indoor reach, the Genie GS1330M is the smallest you can get, but unfortunately, they are not very common in the United States. …
  • Genie Runabouts for Sale. …
  • Learn More About Small Scissor Lifts.
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How wide is a 20 scissor lift?

Machine Height: 7 ft 3 in. / 2.2 m. Machine Height – Rails Folded: 6 ft / 1.82 m. Machine Length: 7 ft 7 in. / 2.3 m. Machine Width: 2 ft 8 in. / 0.81 m.

Can you use a scissor lift on grass?

A rough terrain scissor lift is an aerial work platform that can drive on terrain that is not concrete or asphalt. Most people looking for a rough terrain scissor lift rental usually want to drive on dirt, gravel, mud or grass. … RT Scissor Lift must be on a flat solid surface of the machine will not go up.

How much is it to rent a Skyjack?

4. Model of the machine: The type, year of manufacture, and lift features affect rental prices.

Type of Equipment Average Daily Price Average Weekly Price
34′ Diesel Boom Lift $300-350 $1,000-1,200
45′ Lift $300-500 $1,100-1,400
50′ Rough Terrain Scissor Lift $500-600 $1,200-1,500
65′ Diesel Lift $500-800 $1,500-2,000

How much is a 19 ft scissor lift?

A new, 19′ scissor lift has an average cost between $10,000 and $16,000, with a used model costing between $3,000 and $6,000. Renting the same size scissor lift has an average cost between $100 and $150 per day.

How much does a 19 Genie scissor lift weight?


OPERATING WEIGHT 2702.9 lb 1226 kg
MAX SPEED 2.5 mph 4 km/h

What is the weight of a Genie GS 1930?

The Genie® GS™-1930 slab scissor lifts are easy to maneuver in tight spaces, boast quiet electric operation and are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications on firm, level surfaces.


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Specification Value
Machine Length 6 ft | 1.83 m
Weight 3,209 lb | 1,456 kg