What to do if forklift tips over?

What should you do if a forklift is tipping over?

In a forklift tip over, you should:

  1. remain seated and don’t lean out of the forklift.
  2. brace your feet, hold tight and lean away from the point of impact.

Why would a forklift tip over sideways?

To do so affects the lateral stability of the truck as the weight falls to one side of the vehicle, and can cause it to tip. The same principle applies when a truck travels over uneven ground; the weight becomes unevenly distributed and, combined with the momentum of the moving truck, can result in a tip-over.

Can a forklift tip over without a load?

CAN A FORKLIFT TIP-OVER WITHOUT A LOAD? A forklift can become unstable, even if it does not have a load. For example, if a driver turns too fast around a sharp curve, their lift can tip. Or, if a driver is traveling on an unbalanced surface, their lift can tip if it shifts too far in one direction.

How can a forklift be overturned?

Forklift Overturns

It could be a result of the operator turning too sharply, stopping too quickly, or driving on uneven or inclined surfaces. Forklifts also overturn if they lose their center of balance, which is due to a malfunction or by carrying an excessive amount of weight.

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What happens when a forklift is overload on the tip of the fork?

Deadly Danger # 1—Forklift Turnovers

Close to one out of every four fatalities occurs when a forklift tips over. Forklifts can easily tip if they are overloaded, if the load is not well balanced, or if they travel with the forks too high. … Make sure the load is stable and safely arranged on the forks.

What can you do to help prevent a forward or sideways tip over?

Keep the center of gravity low and avoid off-center loading. Off-center loads could cause tip-over or falling loads. Slowly operate the lift truck when picking up or placing a long or wide load, or when turning with such a load.

What can affect the stability of a forklift?

The load weight, weight distribution, size, shape, and position are key factors affecting the capacity and the stability of the forklift. Forklifts are designed to carry a capacity load at a standard load center, commonly 24 inches.

Why are unloaded forklifts more likely to tip over?

If the centre of gravity falls outside the triangle, the forklift will tip over. This principle explains why an un-laden forklift can easily tip over with a simple sharp turn, even on a level surface.

What are some common causes of a forklift to overturn?

Factors that may cause a forklift truck to overturn:

  • Driving around corners too quickly.
  • Uneven loading of the forks.
  • Driving over potholes.
  • Driving with the load elevated, especially when going around corners.
  • Uneven tire pressures.
  • Driving across a slope rather than straight up or down the slope.
  • Excessive braking.
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How common are forklift accidents?

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, nearly 100 workers are killed and another 20,000 are seriously injured in forklift-related incidents annually. Statistically, that means one of every ten forklifts in the US will be involved in an accident every year.

How can forklift injuries be prevented?

5 Ways to Prevent Forklift Accidents

  1. Keep up on training. …
  2. Have a clean, organized warehouse. …
  3. Enhance safety mechanisms. …
  4. Operate well-maintained forklifts. …
  5. Maintain loading and unloading procedures.