Can a John Deere Gator be made street legal?

If you have a John Deere that you want to make street legal, you’ve come to the right place. With a few extra parts you can safely make the transition from off road riding to street legal Gator. Side by Side Stuff has everything you need to meet D.O.T.

Can a John Deere Gator be street legal?

John Deere Gators can not be registered, as they do not meet the minimum requirements for speed, so they are not permitted on a public way or street.

How do you make a UTV street legal?

Here are some of the more common things that are required in order for your UTV to be considered legal for highway use:

  1. UTV Headlights. Pretty much all UTVs are sold with headlights these days so you should be good to go. …
  2. UTV Turn Signals. …
  3. DOT Tires for UTV. …
  4. Windshield for UTV. …
  5. Reflectors. …
  6. License Plate Mount and Light.

Is a John Deere Gator considered an ATV?

What is a John Deere Gator XUV835R? This is the flagship, full-size model that tops John Deere’s range of Gator side-by-side ATVs, or more accurately: UTVs (for Utility Task Vehicles).

Do you need to register a John Deere Gator?

Those that are deemed farm equipment do not need to be registered so having a title was not required. Those that are looked at as recreational vehicles must be titled, registered and licensed.

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Is a Kawasaki Mule street legal?

With turn signals, horns, mirrors, and illuminated license plate brackets, Kawasaki Mule / Teryx street legal kits such as these satisfy all the requirements of states like West Virginia and Utah. Places like Mississippi and Texas allow you to ride UTVs on public roads if they’re registered as farm equipment.

Can you drive a John Deere Gator on the road at 16?

John Deere Ltd, accordingly, recommend that the Gator should not be driven by those under 16 years.