Can you mulch with a zero turn mower?

Yes, you can. Not only does mulching your leaves give your lawn much-needed nutrients for the winter, but mulching is a great time saver.

What does a mulching kit do on a zero turn mower?

By changing the mower’s standard blades into mulching blades, the mulch kit essentially recycles the lawn clippings as you mow, spreading them back onto the yard with each pass. This eliminates the need to rake, collect and bag your leftover lawn clippings.

Can I make my mower a mulcher?

Conversion. Numerous side-discharge and bag lawnmowers can be converted into mulching mowers by installing a mulching conversion kit. Mulching conversion kits usually consist of a mulching blade and a restriction plate, which prevents the grass clippings from becoming discharged by way of the side or rear chute.

Is a mulch kit worth it?

A mulching kit will only do good when it is dry or when the grass hasn’t grown a lot. If you are expecting for the clippings to just go away then you need to rethink a mulching kit. They work on a smaller mower like a push mower because you aren’t covering as much ground as fast and the grass gets chopped up much more.

Will mulching blades work with side discharge?

Mulching blades are sometimes called “all purpose” or “3-in-1” blades because you can use them to mulch, bag, or side discharge. Standard blades are called 2-in-1 blades because you can use them to either bag or side discharge the grass. Can I use my current mower to recycle my grass clippings? Yes.

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Is it better to mulch or side discharge?

If you’re mowing large, open areas, where you can direct cut grass back onto your lawn as fertilizer, side discharge is the best choice for lawn health. Mulching mowers are more specialized and typically work more slowly and yield less pristine cuts than side discharge.

Is bagging better than mulching?

Any blades should work when bagging, but if you want finer pieces, you should use a mulching blade. Most of the time, mulching your clippings is the best option. You should bag your clippings if the grass is tall, leaves are covering the lawn, or you need to prevent disease and weeds from spreading.

Whats the difference between mulching blades and regular?

Standard blades, sometimes referred to as 2-in-1 blades, are designed to cut grass and then either discharge or bag the clippings. … Mulching blades, also known as 3-in-1 blades, can be used to bag, discharge, or mulch grass clippings. Mulching blades feature more curves and an increased cutting edge.

Can you mulch with an electric mower?

Electric mowers come in an assortment of models, including walk-behind and riders. You can get them with side or rear discharge or mulching capability.