How heavy is a riding mower?

You can expect an average riding lawn mower weight to be 500 pounds (227 kg). In addition, the weight of fuel is about 6.3 (2.9 kg) pounds per gallon of gas. Fuel tanks on riding mowers hold about 1 to 3 gallons.

How much do riding mowers weigh?

Riding lawn mower weight comparison, so what’s the average weight? The average riding mower weighs about 500 lbs. Mowers fitted with plastic bodies offer significant weight advantages but can become brittle over time, especially if parked in direct sunlight.

What does a lawn mower weigh?

Lawn Mower Weights Summary

Lawn Mower Type # Reviewed Average Weight
Self-Propelled 14 85lbs
Rough Cut 8 325lbs
Zero Turn 9 610lbs
Semi Pro 4 755lbs

How much does a 42 inch zero turn weigh?

The Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 42 in. 56-Volt MAX 60 Ah Battery Lithium-Ion Electric Drive Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower is battery operated and weighs a whopping 664 lbs. The Ryobi 54 in. 115 Ah Battery Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower is also battery powered but is pretty low maintenance compared to others.

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How heavy is a Husqvarna ride on mower?

It weighs about 2,000lbs and tongue weight of 200lbs. Husqvarna mowers are not designed with the capabilities to tow something of this weight. Your mower is designed for lawn mowing. It does have the ability to pull or tow a small lawn cart or aerator.

How much does a gas powered mower weigh?

A gas mower can weigh in over 90 pounds, which can make it difficult to push it up an incline—unless it’s self-propelled, meaning the front wheels help pull the mower along.

How heavy is a lawnmower engine?

However, the size of the lawnmower determines the type of engine to be fitted in it. For instance, a Briggs and Stratton 16-horsepower mower engine of 656 cc weighs around 84 pounds whereas a 27-horsepower engine of 840cc weighs about 87 pounds.

How heavy is a John Deere lawn mower?

You can expect an average riding lawn mower weight to be 500 pounds (227 kg). In addition, the weight of fuel is about 6.3 (2.9 kg) pounds per gallon of gas.

5 Example Riding Lawn Mower Weights.

Riding Lawn Mower Model Average Weight
John Deere E100 393 pounds (178 kg)
John Deere E120 438 pounds (199 kg)

How much does a 21 inch mower weigh?

The ATLAS 80v Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless 21-inch Push Lawn Mower is in the featherweight category, weighing in at only 58.2 pounds. This weight is calculated without the mower’s battery present, as batteries are typically sold separately. This light yet powerful motor is actually battery powered.

How much does a 60 zero mower weigh?


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Width 73.8 in. (1,875 mm) with mower59.4 in. (1,510 mm) without mower
Weight 1,676 lbs. (760 kg)
Wheelbase 56.7 in. (1,440 mm)
Mowing Width 60 in. (1,524 mm)

How much does a 42 inch cut riding lawn mower weigh?

I have checked and out new 42 inch mowers weigh around 600 pounds.

What ride on mowers are made in Australia?

Cub Cadet Australia – Manufacturer of Ride On & Zero Turn Mowers.

How much weight can a lawn mower tow?

But how much is too much for your lawn mower to pull? In general, a typical riding lawn mower’s towing capacity is between 290lbs and 580lbs. This is determined by applying a general rule of thumb that a lawn mowers towing capacity is about 50-100% the weight of mower + operator.