How much does a roll of John Deere net wrap weigh?

How many bales will a roll of net wrap make?

I usually only run 2.5 wraps on hay. They type of wrap you use will also make a difference. There is much better stuff out there than the Deere (tama) wrap. On an 8000 ft roll I usually get about 165 5×6 bales out of one roll.

How many feet is a roll of John Deere net wrap?

Roll Length

13,200 ft. John Deere Edge to Edge TamaTec+ 64 in.

How long is John Deere net wrap?

The COVER-EDGE net wrap is for John Deere 458, 458 Silage Special, 582 Silage Special, 558, 468, 468 Silage Special, and 568 Round Balers.

Baler Roll width Roll length
558, 568, 557, 567 67 in. 7000 ft

How wide is cover edge net wrap?

Roll Dimensions:

67 in. wide x 9,000 ft. 51 in.

How many times should you wrap a bale?

At least 6 mils – and preferably 8 mils – of plastic wrap will cover the bale. To achieve this thickness, wrap the bale six times with 1 mil plastic or four times with 1.5 mils plastic. With 4 mils of plastic, oxygen leaked through the plastic, which supports continued microbial growth and spoilage.

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How much does net wrap weigh?

With B-Wrap®, bale size can be adjusted to make bales between 60 and 68 inches in diameter. A roll of B-Wrap® weighs approximately 90 pounds, which is similar to current rolls of John Deere Netwrap.

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Roll width Individual bales wrapped Roll weight
5′ 35 90 lbs.

Can cows eat net wrap?

Cattle often eat small pieces of net wrap or twine, but sometimes chew on large wads and just keep swallowing it, ending up with a big mass in the rumen. … Dahlen evaluated six types of material: sisal twine, biodegradable twine, three kinds of net wrap, and hay (bromegrass, used as a control sample).

What is John Deere net worth?

In 2021, the Fortune Global 500 company held total assets to the value of approximately 84.1 billion U.S. dollars.

Total assets of John Deere (Deere & Company) from 2011 to 2021 (in million U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Total assets in million U.S. dollars
2019 73,011
2018 70,108
2017 65,786
2016 57,918

How much does B wrap cost?

On average, traditional net wrap costs about $2 per bale for two wraps. B-Wrap is about $7 or $8, depending on the size of bale.

What is B wrap?

B-Wrap® protects your hay (and straw and crop residue) almost like it was stored indoors. The secret is a patented material that features Tama SCM Technology. Tama SCM™ Technology does two things: Sheds water, so that hay quality will not be damaged by rain, snow, and ground moisture.

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Where is Bridon twine made?

To this day, all Bridon USA products are manufactured in the USA and around the world using industry leading technology. Bridon HD & large-square twines are manufactured in our Jerome Idaho facility, for superior performance in North American balers & conditions.