How much does a Troy Bilt lawn mower weigh?

How much does the average lawn mower weigh?

Lawn Mower Weights Summary

Lawn Mower Type # Reviewed Average Weight
Self-Propelled 14 85lbs
Rough Cut 8 325lbs
Zero Turn 9 610lbs
Semi Pro 4 755lbs

How much do riding lawn mowers weigh?

Riding lawn mower weight comparison, so what’s the average weight? The average riding mower weighs about 500 lbs. Mowers fitted with plastic bodies offer significant weight advantages but can become brittle over time, especially if parked in direct sunlight.

How much does a Troy-Bilt Pony mower weigh?

Troy-Bilt Pony Riding Lawn Mower:

Wheels: 15″ x 6″ Front / 20″ x 8″ Rear 15″ x 6″ Front / 20″ x 8″ Rear
Warranty: 2-Year Limited 2-Year Limited
Shipping Weight: 490 LBS 495 LBS
Shipping Dimensions: 70.5″ (L) x 48″ (W) x 35.5″ (H) 70.5″ (L) x 48″ (W) x 35.5″ (H)
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How much does a Troy-Bilt zero turn weigh?

Product information

Product Dimensions 84 x 53 x 35.5 inches
Item Weight 700 pounds
Manufacturer Troy-Bilt
Item model number 17ADCACS066
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How much do lawn mower blades weigh?

During peak growths, this mower blade cuts-through every blade of grass sharply, yet precisely, leaving behind a neatly manicured yard. This blade weighs 2.0 lbs. Weighs 2.0lbs.

How much do zero turn mowers weigh?

A zero turn lawn mower will typically weigh around 700 lbs. Most zero turn mowers will weigh between 400 lbs and 2000 lbs. Some heavy-duty zero turn lawn mowers designed for commercial purposes have much larger cutting decks. These mowers can weigh upwards of 1500 lbs.

How much does a 42 inch riding lawn mower weigh?

You can expect an average riding lawn mower weight to be 500 pounds (227 kg). In addition, the weight of fuel is about 6.3 (2.9 kg) pounds per gallon of gas. Fuel tanks on riding mowers hold about 1 to 3 gallons.

How heavy is a lawnmower engine?

However, the size of the lawnmower determines the type of engine to be fitted in it. For instance, a Briggs and Stratton 16-horsepower mower engine of 656 cc weighs around 84 pounds whereas a 27-horsepower engine of 840cc weighs about 87 pounds.

How much does an electric lawn mower weigh?

While corded electric mowers are the lightest in weight (35 to 55 pounds), making them among the easiest to push, you must drag a long cord around during use.

How much does an MTD mower weigh?

While the weight of a riding mower varies from 300 to almost 600 pounds, the average weight of an average model is about 470 pounds.

How much does a Troy-Bilt Pony Tiller weigh?

Product information

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Product Dimensions 56.75 x 23 x 29.25 inches
Item Weight 200 pounds
Manufacturer Troy-Bilt
Item model number 21A-663E766

Is Troy-Bilt going out of business?

The company that makes Troy-Bilt rototillers, one of the most recognizable products in the American garden, has filed for bankruptcy protection and in-tends to go out of business. In an announcement, Garden Way, of Troy, N.Y., said it will close operations, with the loss of 550 jobs.

How much does a 60 zero mower weigh?


Width 73.8 in. (1,875 mm) with mower59.4 in. (1,510 mm) without mower
Weight 1,676 lbs. (760 kg)
Wheelbase 56.7 in. (1,440 mm)
Mowing Width 60 in. (1,524 mm)

What kind of motor is on a Troy-Bilt Zero Turn?

Troy-Bilt’s Mustang 46 zero-turn riding mower features a 24 HP* Briggs & Stratton® Twin engine, electric PTO and dual EZT transmission. Complete with an 18″ high back seat for added comfort and a reinforced heavy duty frame and front axle that makes this zero turn riding mower built for life.

What oil does a Troy-Bilt mower take?

But what type of motor oil is the best for your troy-bilt lawn mower? Depending on the troy-bilt lawn mower engine and the climate condition of your region, the Synthetic SAE-5W30 motor oil is safe to use, and it works smoothly in lower than -40 degrees and higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.