Question: What is a Silage Special baler?

A “silage baler” is exactly what it sounds like – a specially equipped baler built to handle the demanding job of making heavy, high-moisture crops into high-density bales of hay that can easily be wrapped for the best possible storage and fermentation.

What is different about a silage baler?

The big difference in silage balers is the pickup. They are made heavier and with an extra bar in the pickup. The teeth are larger in diameter also.

What is silage special?

Silage special is made to pick wet or dry hay. Farmers who want to make “hay in a day” can bale up green wet hay can use a silage baler for this. The SS balers have heavier bearings, rollers and scrapers that can handle heavier crop.

What is a silage kit on a baler?

Several baler manufacturers offer “silage kits” which can be added to older balers that will enable them to handle baleage. … Fixed chamber balers can make dense bales but usually form only one bale size. In either case, it is important to drive slowly and maintain a high PTO speed.

What size Bale does a John Deere 854 make?

2011 John Deere 854 Silage Special

Pickup: Mega Wide, Wrapping: Both Twine and Surface Wrap, PTO: 1000, Width of Bale: 5 Feet, Precut Knives: Yes, 13.5×31. 5-15 tires, HAY FIELD READY/MEGA WIDE PICK-UP/SILAGE SPECIAL.

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What makes a John Deere baler a silage special?

The 854 Silage Special Round Baler features the BaleTrak Plus monitor-controller. This feature allows the operator to both monitor and control important baler functions for productivity and convenience. A 24-bar graph makes it even easier to make a well-shaped bale that will stand tall and remain firm over time.

What is the simplest round baler?

The Ibex mini round baler is the simplest, easiest to use mechanical baler on the market today and is as close as you can get to a “plug and play” baler. With the ability to produce 90 bales per hour, it’s perfect for small operations of 5-20 acres.

What is a McHale baler?

The McHale V6750 is a semi-automatic variable chamber baler which is fitted with a 15 knife chopper unit and heavy-duty rotor. It is equipped with a double drive system which allows the machine to operate in the toughest of conditions. The double drive system aids belt rotation and bale formation.

How much is a John Deere hay baler?

By keeping it simple, the baler comes in the affordable range of $21,000 to $22,000. For comparison, the next model in the 9 series lineup – the 459 – starts around $25,000 and goes up to $35,000, depending on the options selected.

What is silage maize?

Silage (/ˈsaɪlɪdʒ/) is a type of fodder made from green foliage crops which have been preserved by fermentation to the point of acidification. … Silage is usually made from grass crops, including maize, sorghum or other cereals, using the entire green plant (not just the grain).

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