What are the factors responsible for post harvest losses in fruits?

Main causes of postharvest loss include lack of temperature management, rough handling, poor packaging material, and lack of education about the need to maintain quality [7].

What are the causes of post-harvest loss?

Mainly, during retailing, rotting, mechanical damage, poor handling, improper management of temperature and relative humidity, and hygiene problems during handling are among the major causes of postharvest losses.

What are the causes of post harvest losses in fruits and vegetables?

In addition to internal bio-chemical composition, the post harvest life in fruits and vegetables are influenced by several factors like temperature, humidity, stage of harvest, packaging, transportation facilities, handling practices, etc., which differ in various seasons, regions and varieties.

How can we reduce post harvest losses of fruits and vegetables?

6 Tips To Avoid Postharvest Losses

  1. Assess Maturity. …
  2. Check Your Water Quality. …
  3. Check Your Water Temperature. …
  4. Avoid Injury. …
  5. Keep Your Produce Cool. …
  6. Proper Storage.

What are the factors that affect harvesting?

While the major factor determining the time of harvest is the maturity of the crop, other factors such as weather, availability of harvest equipment, pickers, packing and storage facilities, and transport are important considerations.

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What are the types of post-harvest losses?

Postharvest loss includes the food loss across the food supply chain from harvesting of crop until its consumption [9]. The losses can broadly be categorized as weight loss due to spoilage, quality loss, nutritional loss, seed viability loss, and commercial loss [11].

What is the major cause of deterioration in vegetables?

The four major factors which affect nutrient degradation and can be controlled to varying extents by packaging are light, oxygen concentration, temperature and water activity.

How do you overcome post-harvest losses?

Fresh chain practices and post-harvest losses

  1. Correct practices. …
  2. Harvesting at correct maturity. …
  3. Handling & transportation. …
  4. Sorting and grading. …
  5. Removal of field heat (pre-cooling) …
  6. Storage under correct conditions.

How does pre harvest factors affects post-harvest losses of root crops?

The pre-harvest factors influencing postharvest quality are frequency of irrigation, use of fertilizers, pest control, growth regulators, climatic conditions like wet and windy weather, natural climates such as hailing, high wind velocity, heavy rainfall, and tree conditions (age, training pruning, light penetration, …

What is post-harvest loss reduction?

WFP is scaling up a Post-Harvest Loss Reduction programme that sells low-cost, locally-produced silos and provides training to smallholder farmers in developing countries. … These losses are most significant in developing countries.

What are the factors to be considered in harvesting fruits?

Factors such as size, color, content of sugar, starch, acid, juice or oil, firmness, tenderness, heat unit accumulation, days from bloom, and specific gravity can be used to schedule harvest. Vegetable producers should gather as much information as possible on maturity indices for their particular commodities.

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What are the factors affecting food production?

7 Factors that Affect Where Food is Produced

  • Climate & weather.
  • Growing season length.
  • Soil & topography.
  • Access to feed.
  • Proximity to fertilizer sources or a market for byproducts.
  • Markets and proximity to processors.
  • 7 . Government Policy.