What are the uses of storing harvested crops?

Answer:Harvested grains are usually dried before being stored because moisture encourages the growth of microorganisms. They are then stored in metal or earthen containers, gunny bags or grain silos. The godowns where grains are stored are first fumigated to get rid of pests.

Why do we have to store the harvested crops?

Drying of grains: The crops have to be stored at the recommended level of moisture, which varies for different types of grains. Excess moisture in the crops promotes the growth of micro-organisms and can rot the crops and cause huge losses. … Storing: To protect the grains, they have to store in closed containers.

Why do farmers store their crop after harvest?

Crop storage is an important aspect of post harvest technology. The original aim of storing agricultural product is to provide food between the harvest seasons and to provide seed for subsequent planting.

What is used for harvesting crops?

The traditional implement used to harvest a crop is the sickle. Modern farms use a harvester, which cuts the crop. A harvester can be combined with other machinery that threshes and cleans the grain as well. It is then called a combine harvester or combine.

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Why is storage important in agriculture?

Storage is an important marketing function, which involves holding and preserving goods from the time they are produced until they are needed for consumption. The storage of goods, therefore, from the time of production to the time of consumption, ensures a continuous flow of goods in the market.

What is the importance of storage?

Storage systems ensure a clean and hassle free environment. It is important to keep all documents and files neatly stacked and shelved in order to avoid misplacing or ruining them.

What is the importance of storage of food grains?

The food grains obtained by harvesting the crops are dried in the sunshine before storing to reduce their moisture content.It is necessary to prevent them from spoilage. The higher moisture content in food grains promotes the growth of fungus and moulds on the stored grains which damages them.

What is the purpose of storage of grains How are grains stored?

For small farmers the main purpose in storing grains is to ensure household food supplies. Farm storage also provides a form of saving, to cover future cash need through sale, or for barter exchange or gift-giving.

What is storage in agriculture?

“Storage” means the phase of the post-harvest system during which the products are kept in such a way as to guarantee food security other than during periods of agricultural production. … at the marketing level, to balance the supply and demand of agricultural products, thereby stabilizing market prices.

What is crop preservation?

Adeyeba Alice Olunike. Introduction. Food preservation is the process of treating and handling food to stop or greatly slow down spoilage (loss of quality, edibility or nutritive value) caused or accelerated by micro-organisms.

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What methods are used for harvesting and storing wheat?

Harvesting and Storing

A combine is used to harvest the crop. This machine combines reaping, threshing, and winnowing. The edible wheat is put into the back of the combine. It is then put into a grain cart, and then into a semi truck where it is transported to be stored in a grain elevator.

What is storage of farm produce?

The process of effectively keeping away pests and microorganisms from harvested agricultural products to avoid spoilage is called storage. To reduce to the barest minimum food spoilage caused by pests and microorganisms so that enough food will be available for consumption all year round.