What is Post Harvest Engineering?

Post-harvest engineering and technology is an application of engineering principles for development of post harvest machinery for various post harvest operations. It also comprises practices of various operations to serve food to the countrymen after harvesting.

What is post harvest simple definition?

Definition of postharvest

: occurring after a harvest reducing postharvest losses also : used following a harvest postharvest fungicide.

What is the main objective of post harvest technology?

The three main objectives of applying postharvest technology to harvested fruits and vegetables are: to maintain quality (appearance, texture, flavor and nutritive value) to protect food safety, and. to reduce losses between harvest and consumption.

What is post harvest equipment?

A catalog of postharvest processing equipment is available from Intermediate Technology Publications. Included are driers, storage containers, cleaners, hand mills, power mills, shellers, decorticators (seed removers), oil processing equipment, fruit presses, and root crop cutters/graters.

What is post harvest activity?

Post-harvest activities include harvesting, handling, storage, processing, packaging, transportation and marketing. … Occasionally, losses may be 100%, for example when there is a price collapse and it would cost the farmer more to harvest and market the produce than to plough it back into the ground.

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What is post-harvest technology in agriculture?

Post-harvest technologies constitute an inter-disciplinary science and techniques applied to agricultural commodities after harvest for the purpose of preservation, conservation, quality control/enhancement, processing, packaging, storage, distribution, marketing, and utilization to meet the food and nutritional …

What is post-harvest in fisheries?

What does “post-harvest fish loss” mean? … This means that fish operators (fishers, processors, traders, and other stakeholders involved in ancillary operations) lose potential income. It also means that less fish is available to consumers, or that consumers are supplied with low-quality fish and fish products.

What are the main elements of the post harvest system?

Diagram 2. Stages of a whole post-harvest system

(01) HARVESTING handling
(03) DRYING transport and distribution
(06) PRIMARY PROCESSING cleaning, classification, dehulling, pounding, grinding, packaging, soaking, winnowing, drying, sieving, whitening, milling

What is postharvest physiology and technology?

Postharvest physiology is about the plant response to technologies and other applications that extend shelf life and quality and delay senescence (plant death). … As consumers continue to increase their daily intake of fruits and vegetables, pressure to deliver high-quality products with a longer shelf life is critical.

What are the principles of post harvest?

full sized. Uniformity of crop Uniformity of crop – e.g. harvest one time e.g. harvest one time or spot pick / harvest multiple times. or spot pick / harvest multiple times. Ease of separating product from plant Ease of separating product from plant – e.g. maturity, abscission zone formation, etc.

What is post-harvest infrastructure?

Under Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) assistance is provided for development of post harvest management and marketing infrastructure such as cold storages, ripening chamber, pack houses, reefer vehicles to farmers to improve marketability of their produce.

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What are the types of post-harvest?

Harvest Product: Type # 1. Jam:

  • Judging End Point: End point of jam is tested to stop the process of cooking. …
  • I. Sheet or flake Test: …
  • II. By TSS test: …
  • III. By temperature test: …
  • III. Problems in jelly making:
  • (i) Failure to set: …
  • (ii) Cloudy or foggy jelly: …
  • (iii) Syneresis or Weeping jelly:

What is post harvest loss PDF?

“Post-harvest loss” in the PHL system refers to the quantitative and qualitative loss of food in various post-harvest operations. … Limiting post-harvest losses (PHL) is a priority area of cooperation between FAO and global development banks.