You asked: Are Hayter lawn mowers any good?

If you’re looking for one of the best petrol lawnmowers you can buy, then the Hayter Harrier should be high on your list. OK, it’s not cheap. But it’s designed and manufactured in the UK, the build quality is impeccable, it’s packed with features and cuts beautifully.

Where are Hayter lawn mowers made?

Hayter mowers are made in Britain and come from a company with a long heritage of manufacturing top quality garden machinery.

How long do Hayter mowers last?

A Hayter lawnmower is an investment that, if cared for, will last well over 20-25 years. Hayter use only quality parts, and quality does not come cheap, but it does last.

What is the most reliable brand of lawn mower?

The Lifestory Research 2020 America’s Most Trusted® Lawn Mower Brand Study identified John Deere as the most trusted brand among people considering the purchase of a lawn mower. John Deere generated a Net Trust Quotient Score of 111.5 and the 5 Star Trust Rating among people actively shopping a lawn mower.

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Are Hayter mowers made in UK?

Hayter is a British high-end manufacturer and distributor of garden machinery, specialising in industrial and domestic lawn mowers. The company’s headquarters are located in Spellbrook, Hertfordshire, where it was founded in 1946 by Douglas Hayter, a pioneer of the rotary mower.

What engines do Hayter mowers use?

The New Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive Variable-Speed Rear-Roller Lawnmower with Electric Start (Code: 376A) fires up the Briggs & Stratton 190cc engine at the push of a button.

Are Bosch lawnmowers made in the UK?

In researching these Bosch lawn mower reviews we discovered that almost all Bosch cordless and corded electric lawn mowers are made in China, and have been for some time. While a few of their cheaper mowers are produced in Hungary.

How long is Hayter warranty?

This would need to be checked in more than one way, including looking at the air cleaner, carburettor, cover, dipstick, exhaust, exhaust guard, fuel cap, spark plug and start grip.

Hayter – Current Warranty and Service Information.

Range Domestic Commercial
Scarifier 1 year 90 days

What is Hayter Autodrive?

The Hayter Harrier 41 self-propelled lawnmower (375A) is a compact highly manoeuvrable rotary mower with a rear roller and 41 cm (16”) cutting width. Autodrive variable speed transmission means that the mower will adjust its forward travelling speed to match yours.

How do you drain fuel from a Hayter lawnmower?

Hayter recommend you drain the oil from your lawnmower, by:

  1. Draining the fuel from your lawnmower by running the engine until the fuel tank is empty.
  2. Removing the spark plug and allow the engine to cool slightly – as touched upon above, it’s important to drain the oil from your lawnmower whilst the engine is still warm.
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Is Briggs and Stratton a good brand?

The company has since become one of the most highly regarded brand names in the industry and the world’s largest producer of air-cooled petrol engines for outdoor power equipment. With renowned success in power equipment, it was only a matter of time until Briggs & Stratton moved into the generator space.

What is the number 1 lawn mower?

Best Overall Lawn Mower: Honda Variable Speed 4-in-1 Gas Walk-Behind Self-Propelled Lawn Mower. Best Value Gas Lawn Mower: Troy-Bilt Gas Walk-Behind Push Mower with 3-in-1 TriAction Cutting System. Best Value Electric Lawn Mower: Greenworks 40V Cordless Electric Lawn Mower.

How much should I spend on a lawn mower?

The average price of a lawn mower is $1,068. That overall average price includes reel mowers with an average cost of $104, walk-behind mowers with an average cost of $363, riding mowers with an average cost of $2,450, and robot lawn mowers with an average cost of $1,470.

When did Toro buy Hayter?

Toro bought Hayter in 2005.

Can I use E10 petrol in my Hayter lawnmower?

Hayter’s Premium Fuel Treatment has been specially designed to be used with a Hayter petrol lawnmower such as the Hayter Harrier, Osprey or Spirit petrol lawn mowers that use either E10 or E5 unleaded petrol.