You asked: Which is the first state to enforce rainwater harvesting?

Detailed Solution. The correct answer is Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is the first state in India which has made rooftop rainwater harvesting structure compulsory to all the houses across the state.

Which state is first in rain water harvesting?

Tamil Nadu is the first state in India to make rooftop rainwater harvesting mandatory for all homes.

Which state in India has highest rain water harvesting?

Tamil Nadu has been a trendsetter in rain water harvesting, making it mandatory for all buildings as far back as 2003.

Which state in India is the first one to have made rooftop rainwater harvesting compulsory to all houses across the state?

Tamil Nadu was the first state to make rainwater harvesting compulsory for every building to avoid groundwater depletion. The project was launched in 2001 and has been implemented in all rural areas of Tamil Nadu.

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Who started rainwater harvesting in India?

Check out this article to know why Restaurants need water purification systems. India is practicing rainwater harvesting since 10th century. In 11th century, largest rainwater harvesting tank was created by Chola kings and it is 16 kilometer long.

Which state has highest rain water harvesting?

The correct answer is Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is the first state in India which has made rooftop rainwater harvesting structure compulsory to all the houses across the state.

Which state was practiced Roofwater harvesting <UNK> West Bengal Haryana Rajasthan Punjab?

The state using roof rainwater harvesting on an extensive scale is Rajasthan.

Which place in India receives the highest rainfall?

Mawsynram (/ˈmɔːsɪnˌrʌm/) is a town in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya state in Northeastern India, 60.9 kilometres from Shillong, the state capital. Mawsynram receives the highest rainfall in India.

Why is rainwater harvesting practiced in Tamil Nadu?

The Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) scheme, a brainchild of Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa, was launched in 2001 in a bid to rejuvenate water sources and improve ground water levels in the parched southern state.

Which type of rainwater harvesting is being harvested in Tamil Nadu?

Recharge to ground water. Pits :- Recharge pits are constructed for recharging the shallow aquifer.

Veilankanni (Nagapattinam District) Panamarathupatti (Salem District) Solavanthan (Madurai District)
Villikuri (Kanniykumari District) Thazhkudi (Kanniykumari District) Keeripatti (Salem District)

Is rainwater harvesting compulsory in Rajasthan?

The official said that now all houses and buildings would come under the purview of the building bylaws and have to install the rainwater harvesting system. …

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Which is the only state in the country where roof rain has been done in every house in the entire state?

Tamil Nadu is the first and the only state in India which has made roof top rain water harvesting structure and is compulsory to all the houses across the state. The harvesting of rainwater simply involves the collection of water from surfaces on which rain falls, and subsequently storing this water for later use.

In which part of India rooftop rainwater harvesting is western Rajasthan B Eastern Kerala C Eastern Rajasthan d western Tamil Nadu?

‘Rooftop rain water harvesting’was commonly practised to store drinking water, particularly in Rajasthan.

Who invented rainwater harvesting?

Dayanand Krishnan (45) from Chitlapakkam in Chennai spent just Rs 250 to invent an impromptu arrangement to harvest rainwater – purchasing a cloth filter worth Rs 20 and two PVC pipe bends.

Who made rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting may date back to 6,000 years ago in China. Evidence is available for rainwater collection at least to 4,000 years ago. Water harvesting was used in China from the 3rd millennium BC.

When did rainwater harvesting start?

Origin of Rainwater Harvesting

Obviously, it is nearly impossible to trace back to which civilization used the method of rainwater harvesting first, but evidence shows that different types of rainwater collection systems were used in 2000 BC in India, Mesopotamia, China, and modern day Israel.