You asked: Who makes the best commercial walk behind mower?

What mowers do professionals use?

The Best Commercial Lawn Mowers

  • SCAG Turf Tiger II. This zero-turn has a sleek look, a comfortable seat, and deck sizes ranging from 52” to 72” – it’s a great option for wide-open spaces. …
  • SCAG V-Ride II. …
  • Toro 2000 Series. …
  • Wright ZK-1 Stand-On Mower. …
  • Ferris ISX 3300 Zero Turn Mower.

How much does a commercial walk behind mower cost?

Commercial Mower Average Costs

The price of a commercial mower depends on the brand and model, the horsepower, deck size and whether it’s a ride-on or walk-behind. Generally, expect to pay anywhere from about $2,500 to $25,000.

Are John Deere walk behind mowers any good?

This mower is extremely well built and will last a lifetime as far as I can see. John Deer has been around for a long time and building quality products such this one are the reason why. I would reccomend this mower to anyone in the market for a new lawn mower.

How long will a commercial walk behind mower last?

How long will a commercial mower last? Commercial Mowers are heavy duty mowing machines that if bought new should last you 1500 hours (run time) before they need to be replaced or need major (expensive) repairs.

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What mowers do commercial landscapers use?

Popular commercial brands include Rover, Dixon, Cub Cadet, Country Clipper and Scag. Zero-turn mowers are increasing in popularity amongst gardeners and landscapers due to their great maneuverability and high speeds. A zero-turn mower is essentially a standard ride on mower, except it has a turning radius of zero.

Is SCAG better than Exmark?

SCAG is close but i think the big ferris’s are better. The exmark will cut nicer but not as comfortable. Of course they all put cup holders on their ztr’s.

Who makes John Deere walk behind mowers?

Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton is a highly rated American company that produces quality small engines ideal for lawnmowers and garden tractors. John Deere employs Briggs & Stratton engines on some of its models like the 100 series.

What is the most reliable push mower?

Best gas lawn mowers 2022

  1. Honda HRX217HZA: Best gas lawn mower overall. …
  2. Honda HRX217VKA: Best self-propelled gas lawn mower. …
  3. Craftsman M105: Best lightweight gas mower. …
  4. Weibang WB537SCV- 3IN1: Best gas lawn mower for reliability. …
  5. Troy-Bilt TB160: Best mid-range gas lawn mower.

Which is better Ferris or Exmark?

The Exmark gets it done much faster, definitely more steel in the Exmark. I have a Ferris it rides smooth , but if the grass gets a little long or damp it plugs up under deck. Have to have a loader to lift up front of mower to clean out under deck.

How many hours will a John Deere commercial mower last?

With proper care and maintenance, you can double that easily to 1000 hours and even more. John Deere: These are much sturdier machines. The smaller ones easily last 500-1000 hours. The large ones that have a 2 or 4-cylinder engine may even last 1500-2000 hours.

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Why are commercial mowers so expensive?

Lawn mowers are so expensive because of their advance safety systems, engine technologies, drive systems and mower deck engagement systems.