Frequent question: How wide is a 3 ton excavator?

Hire a 3 ton excavator – supplied with rubber tracks to reduce damage to pavements etc. It has a digging depth of 2.750m and is 1.390m wide. Great for landscaping, digging footing, demolition and general muck moving.

What width is a 3 ton digger?

3 Ton Excavator

Make: Model: Weight: Komatsu PC26 MR-3 2800 KG
Width: 1.500 M
Length- Transportation Position: 4.060 M
Max Dig Depth: 2.720 M
Max Dig Height: 4.340 M

How wide is a 3 tonne mini digger?

3 tonne 8030 mini digger

Static Dimensions
D Tailswing radius 800 (3-7.1/2)
E Overall width of superstructure 1650 (5-5)
F Height over cab 2470 (8-1.1/4)
G Ground clearance 300 (12)

How wide is a 5 tonne excavator?

Powerful 5.5T tight tail swing excavator.

Main Features.

Weight 5685 kg
Dimensions 5550 mm L x 1960 mm W x 2550 mm H
Digging depth 3630mm
Lifting capacity 1.18 ton @ 4m radius & 3m high over front blade down

How wide is a 3 ton Kubota?

Kubota KX61-3 specification

Weight 2600 kg
Length 4270 mm
Width 1400 mm
Height 2410 mm
Max Digging Depth 2490 mm

How deep can a 3 ton digger dig?

3 Ton Mini Diggers are the work horse of the utility sector, with a class leading dig depth of 2.7m and a good amount of power they are able to make short work of trenches even in ground with a high clay content. With a weight of 2600KG these machines are capable of being towed behind commercial vehicles.

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How wide is a 2 ton digger?

The 2-ton digger is reasonably unique to Olympus in the mini digger space as it embraces both the traditional 1.6 and 3-ton digger area.

Excavator / Digger – 2 Ton.

Weight 1890kg
Width – Expansion tracks 980mm to 1370mm
Dig Depth 2520
Dump Height 2985
Ground Reach 4280

How wide is a 1 tonne digger?

This compact and powerful micro digger is capable of fitting through a 680mm wide opening. The operating width of the machine is 840mm, but, by the push of a lever, the hydraulics reduce the overall width by pulling in the tracks.

What is the width of a mini excavator?

With an overall width of only 2 ft 5 in, a retractable undercarriage, and foldable FOPS, this machine can easily fit through narrow passages and doors, even elevators.

What is the smallest width of a mini digger?

Micro Diggers are ideal diggers for tight access requirements. With a width of only 72cm and a fold down roll over bar these machines are capable of going through doorways and tight alleys and are able to get to most places that a person can get to.

How wide is a 4 tonne excavator?

Rubber Tracked Excavator

WEIGHT 4200kg – 4300kg
WIDTH 1700mm
HEIGHT 2500mm
DIG DEPTH 3200mm

How wide is an 8 tonne excavator?

Main Features

Weight 8290 kg
Dimensions 6450 mm L x 2200 W x 2540 mm H
Digging depth 4600mm
Lifting capacity 1.65 ton @ 5m radius & 3m high over front blade down
Speed 4.9 km/h

How wide is a Kubota mini excavator?


Height 7 ft. 4 in. (2,230 mm)
Width 2 ft. 10 in. (860 mm) / 2 ft. 4 in. (700 mm)
Weight 2,200 lbs. (1,000 kgf) including 175 lbs. operator’s weight
Ground Clearance 5.9 in. (150 mm)
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How wide is a Kubota?


Height 82 in. (2,083 mm)
Width 65.9 in. (1,675 mm)
Weight 9,039 lbs. (4,100 kg) open cab 9,314 lbs. (4,225 kg) closed cab
Ground Clearance 11.7 in. (296 mm)

How much can a 3t excavator lift?

The 3.5 t excavator is suitable for a range of jobs.

Main Features.

Weight 3320 kg
Dimensions 4760 mm L x 1690 mm W x 2440 mm H
Digging depth 3186mm
Lifting capacity 590 kg @ max radius & 2.5m high over front blade down