How much is it to rent a big excavator?

The average price of weekly excavator rental plans is between $1250 and $5000. Smaller models are relatively cheaper to rent than larger machines. The cost of an excavator rental is determined by the heavy equipment’s size and power. The cost of renting large excavators could go as high as $5000 per week.

How big of an excavator can I rent?

United Rentals offers multiple sizes of excavators for rent, ranging from 21 tons to 24.95 tons, and attachments for multipurpose applications. Excavators — also called track hoes — are one of the largest pieces of equipment used in construction. Excavators can do heavy-duty clearing, loading, digging and trenching.

How much does it cost to rent a Bobcat excavator?

A Bobcat 324 has an average rental cost between $200 and $250 per day, between $830 and $1,000 per week, and between $2,250 and $3,000 per month. A Bobcat E42 has an average rental cost between $300 and $350 per day, between $1,300 and $1,400 per week, and between $3,000 and $3,750 per month.

What is the price of excavator?

Purchased new, a full-sized excavator costs anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000. Small excavators weighing 10 to 15 tons usually cost anywhere from $80,000 to $150,000. Mid-sized excavators weighing 15 to 20 tons (the most common size) generally range in price from $100,000 to $200,000.

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What is the hourly rate for a mini excavator?

Heavy equipment operator rates by machine type

Minimum hours Rate
4 $80/hr
8 $75/hr
4 $90/hr
8 $85/hr

How deep can excavator dig?

An excavator can dig between 10 to 48 feet deep. You shouldn’t push an excavator beyond its limits because it could overheat the engine, bend the bucket, or break the mechanical arm. If you want to dig deeper than 48 feet, you’ll have to create a slope to drive the vehicle down, then continue to dig.

How much does a CAT 324 weigh?

Operating Specifications

Alternator Supplied Amperage 65 A
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 79 gal (299 l)
Hydraulic System Relief Valve Pressure 5221 psi
Operating Weight 54660 lbs (24,794 kg)
Swing Drive Fluid Capacity 2.6 gal (10 l)

How much does it cost to buy a mini excavator?

New Mini Excavator Average Costs

Prices range from $20,000 to $90,000, although most models fall in the $30,000 to $40,000 range. For $25,000, you can buy a mini excavator with a dig depth of around five to seven feet and horsepower in the 10 to 20 range.

How big of an excavator do I need to remove stumps?

An excavator can remove stumps if you dig a trench around the stump, cut away the roots, and push it out with the excavator. You can either remove the stump by lifting it with the scoop or pushing it out. Both methods require a top-notch excavator if you’re dealing with stumps wider than 16 inches.

Is it hard to operate a mini excavator?

Maneuverability: Mini excavators tend to be easier to maneuver, especially around other objects and vehicles. Mini excavators can also move through crowded lots with ease. Transportation: Because of their lighter weight, mini excavators are easy to load into trailers and transport to and from the job site.

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How deep can a mini excavator dig?

Mini excavator applications

When it comes to digging, a 3,000-3,999 pound mini excavator can dig a 7.8-foot-deep hole, while 7,000-9,999 pound excavators can dig as deep as 10.2 feet.