How tall is a mining dump truck?

An ultra-class mining dump truck is typically around 15 metres long, 7 metres high and 9 metres wide. The world’s largest dump truck, however, is a giant 20.6 metres long, 8.16 metres high and 9.87 metres wide.

How tall is a mining dump truck in feet?


Rear Axle – Clearance – Loaded 3.08 ft 947 mm
Inside Body Depth – Maximum 11 ft 3363 mm
Overall Height – Body Raised 51.5 ft 15701 mm
Loaded Ground Clearance 2.58 ft 786 mm
Loading Height – Empty 23 ft 6998 mm

How tall are mining trucks?

Specifications chart

797 797B
Overall Height to Top of ROPS (Empty) 23 ft 8 in (7.21 m) 24 ft 11 in (7.59 m)
Overall Height (Body Raised) 49 ft 3 in (15.01 m) 50 ft 2 in (15.29 m)
Overall Length 47 ft 7 in (14.50 m) 47 ft 5 in (14.45 m)
Overall Tire Width 30 ft 0 in (9.14 m) 32 ft 0 in (9.75 m)

How big is a mining dump truck?

It can carry 400t of payload compared to its predecessor models 797B and the first generation 797, with payload capacities of 380t and 360t respectively. The dump truck has a gross operating weight of 687.5t and measures 14.8m in length, 6.52m in height and 9.75m in width.

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How tall is a dump truck?

Inside front body width 84 inches. Rear inside body width 86 inches. Side body height 52 inches. Tailgate height 60 inches.

Why are mining dump trucks so big?

As companies mine the ground for coal and other valuable resources, huge dump trucks are needed to carry the extremely-large loads of dirt, coal, and rocks that are taken out of the ground. And the more a dump truck can carry, the less it costs the mining company per load to haul its resources.

How big is a mine truck?

Large quarry-sized trucks range from 40 to 100 short tons (36 to 89 long tons; 36 to 91 t). A good example of this is the Caterpillar 775 (rated at 70 short tons [62 long tons; 64 t]). Quarry operations are typically smaller than, say, a gold/copper mine, and require smaller trucks.

What is the biggest dumper truck in the world?

The current holder of the Guinness World Records title for the largest dumper truck in the world is the US-built Liebherr T282B, which has a capacity of 363 tonnes.

Who makes the largest dump truck in the world?

Belaz 75710 Dump Truck

Designed to service vast Russian mine sites, the Belarus-made Belaz 75710 is the world’s largest dump truck. Primarily found in Eastern Europe and Russia, it has an enormous payload of up to 496 tonnes of material.

How much does a mining haul truck cost?

So the 797 carries a nominal load rating of 360 tons, but it’s capable of accepting 400 tons. And 400 tons is roughly the weight of 120 Ford Excursions. When shovels grow again, so will the trucks. Beyond the 797’s cost of $3.4 million, mine operators need to make serious infrastructure changes to accommodate it.

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How many yards does a mining truck hold?

Summary. Larger dump trucks can carry approximately 10 to 16 cubic yards of material.

How much does a mining truck tire cost?

OTR tires are used for mining vehicles such as haul trucks, wheel loaders, backhoes, graders, and trenchers. These new tires cost between $38,000 and $50,000 each, depending on multiple factors including oil prices and the cyclical nature of the industry.

How tall is a 10 wheel dump truck?

Height: 11’10” Dump height: 23′ Width: 8’10” Length: 29’2″

What are the sizes of dump trucks?

Dump Truck Size Chart:

Loader Size Cubic Yards Total Number of Tons
930 3.00 cubic yards 3.15tons
938 3.50 cubic yards 3.68 tons
950 4.50 cubic yards 4.73 tons
966 5.40 cubic yards 5.67 tons

How tall is a Kenworth dump truck?


Dump Body
Front Wall 3/16″ Steel Hardox 450
Tailgate 3/16″ Steel Hardox 450
Height 60 in
Notes Strong Super Dump body latest design. Built for durability with maximum payload.