You asked: What engine is in a Craftsman snowblower?

Craftsman snow blowers come equipped with the powerful Briggs and Stratton OHV engines that can handle 6″ to 23″ of snow. One of the more popular models is a 2-stage snow thrower with six forward speeds, two reverse speeds, and a one button electric starter.

Who makes a Craftsman engine?

It is made by MTD. MTD has been making engines for quite some time now and they are proving to be reliable and trustworthy engines. It is designed to replace competitor’s engines up to 500 cc.

Who makes Craftsman snow blower?

When you’re shopping for a snow blower, it’s important to know that there are only a few manufacturers. A company called MTD makes Craftsman, Cub Cadet, and Troy-Bilt models. The Husqvarna company makes units under the Husqvarna, Jonsered, and Poulan Pro brands. Ariens makes Ariens and Sno-Tek models.

What type of engine is used for a snowblower?

Modern snowblowers are made with 4-stroke engines, but if you have a cherished snowblower from years ago, you’ve dealt with trying to get the perfect fuel mixture for a 2-stroke engine.

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Where are Craftsman engines made?

The Ariens AX, Husqvarna Snow King, Briggs & Stratton Polar Force, Craftsman, Cub Cadet, and Troy-Bilt are all made in China. That doesn’t mean the engines are junk.

What snow blowers have Briggs and Stratton engines?

Featured Snow Engines

  • 1450 Snow Series™ 19,66 Nm – 306cc. …
  • 2100 Snow Series™ 28,48 Nm – 420cc. …
  • 950 Snow Series™ 12,88 Nm – 208cc. …
  • 1150 Snow Series™ 15,59 Nm – 250cc. …
  • 1450 Snow Series™ 19,66 Nm – 306cc. …
  • 2100 Snow Series™ 28,48 Nm – 420cc. …
  • 950 Snow Series™ 12,88 Nm – 208cc. …
  • 1150 Snow Series™ 15,59 Nm – 250cc.

Where are Briggs and Stratton snow blower engines made?

Briggs & Stratton began manufacturing in Milwaukee, WI, in 1908 and today more than 85 percent of Briggs & Stratton engines are made stateside at plants in Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia and Missouri using U.S. and global parts.

Is a Craftsman snowblower any good?

Are Craftsman snowblowers any good? Craftsman snow blowers are good. They’re quite popular because of how safe they are to operate. They’re also convenient and easy to use for those who aren’t used to snow blowing.

How do I identify my Craftsman snowblower?

Snow-blower model numbers are located on the backside of the metal base between the left and right rear-wheels. The 11-character model number is printed on the left side of the Product Identification Label and will begin with the letters “CM”.

What year is my Craftsman snowblower?

Find the manufacture date printed directly below the model number. If the manufacture date is not available, record the serial number.

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What Tecumseh engine do I have?

The model number (marked with red box in photo) on a Tecumseh engine can be found on the engine ID label, typically located under the engine cover. The label will also include other pertinent Tecumseh engine information such as the specification number and date of manufacture.

Who makes storm force engines?

Winter Engine. LCT’s patented StormForce Series engines are designed to deliver maximum performance for sub-zero winter conditions with industrial grade components and uniquely designed features.

When did Ariens stop using Briggs and Stratton?

A small percentage used Briggs & Stratton engines and others. In December 2008, Tecumseh began winding down production, and the 2009 model year was the last to receive Tecumseh engines. In 2010 Briggs & Stratton became the main supplier of engines for Ariens machines.

What is the Ariens ax engine?

Ariens AX engines are an exclusive line of engines for the Ariens Sno-Thro lineup that are manufactured by LCT and built to Ariens specifications. Who is LCT? Liquid Combustion Technology (LCT) is a USA-owned and operated company that manufacturers air-cooled engines for outdoor power equipment markets.